Amazonian Redwood Bowl

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This bowl made out of amazonian rosewood (Dalbergia) is 50cm in diameter. Lina carved it in her village close to Leticia in the Colombian rainforest.

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Lina, Amazonas (Colombia, Peru), 38 yrs

Lina is part of the "Yagua" tribe that lives in the Amazonian forest in Colombia and Peru. She is 38 years old and has a daughter of 3. Together with her small family, she lives two hours by boat from the Colombian town of Leticia, on the shore of the Amazonas.

Lina taught herself to work wood. When Lina was growing up, her father was always carving small figurines out of wood and selling them in the local markets - but never taught Lina how to do so herself, as woodwork was considered men's work.

When he passed away, Lina still preserved her fascination for the art and finally taught herself to carve objects out of the wood her husband brought home upon her request.

After her husband has done the first work on the bowl with his heavy chainsaw, Lina takes care of the fine carving with a smaller chainsaw. It took her 5 hours to carve it.

"Even though my father did not directly teach me how to work the wood, I feel connected to him whenever I work on an item. Times have changed and I am sure today he would have approved of me following this passion that we shared", Lina says about her work.

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