Brazilian Renda

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This "renda de bilro" is 60cm in diameter. It was made by Juliana, who lives in Pindoretama, a small town in the Northeast of Brazil.

Rendas are traditionally used to adown clothes or as a tablecloth.

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Juliana, Pindoretama (Brazil), 22 yrs

Juliana is 22 years old and lives in Pindoretama, on the Northeastern Coast of Brazil, together with her parents and three younger siblings.

She was taught how to make Renda by a good friend of hers, when her family hit a rough patch six years ago and all children were required to earn money to support the family.

The practice of lace making was brought to Brazil by the Portuguese. Here, it became an important form of handicraft that was perfected and today is exported to the whole world. The rendeiras - women that produce the renda - weave the thread on a pillow with the aid of bobbins, which are used in pairs. It took Juliana 6 hours to make this renda.

"I started to produce renda to support my family with my income - it was out of necessity and not because I was particularly passionate about lace", Julia says about her work. "However with the years, I have fallen in love with the work. I started to create my own patterns and diverging fom the pre-printed ones. Now I am really glad that necessity lead me to what became my passion."

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