Sri Lankan Tea

EUR 6/ 100g

A balanced, light fruity highgrown tea from Nuwara Eliya - farmed by Nethmi and her family on their smallholder plot in the tea growing region of Sri Lanka. The tea enriches a light breakfast, either taken with a shot of milk or black, but is also a delightful companion for the rest of the day.

Recommended brewing time 3-5 minutes. Infusion temperature: approx. 95°.

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Nethmi, Nuwara Eliya (Sri Lanka), 52 yrs

Nethmi is 52 years old and lives with her son, daughter-in law and her two small grandchildren in Nuwara Eliya, the tea growing region of Sri Lanka.

She has been working on her husbands tea farm since they got married. When he passed away two years ago, the small farm was inherited by her son. As Nethmi has the most experience in tea growing, her son still heavily relies on her expertise when managing his farm.

In Sri Lanka, tea is cultivated with the so-called ‘contour planting’ method: the bushes are planted in line with the contours of the land, usually on slopes. Sri Lanka is one of the few countries where each tea leaf is picked by hand rather than by mechanization; if machinery were used, a considerable number of coarse leaves and twigs could be mixed in, adding bulk but not flavor to the tea.

As Aastha has been plucking tea since very young, she is able to work very fast, reaching an amount of 22kg plucked per day. After plucking, leaves are weighed and then transported to a nearby tea factory.

Tea plants in Sri Lanka require constant nurturing and attention. An important part of the process is taking care of the soils with the regular application of fertilizer. Younger plants are regularly cut back 10–15 cm (4–6 in) from the ground to encourage lateral growth and are pruned very frequently with a special knife.

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