Turkish Pottery

EUR 110

This light and dark blue red clay bowl is a piece of art that was painted by Yasemin in Avanos, Turkey. The bowl is 40cm wide and 5cm deep.

Whether you'd like to use it to decorate your wall or use it to serve delicious food during your next dinner party - this bowl will be an eye-catcher!

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Yasemin, Avanos (Turkey), 34 yrs

Yasemin is 34 years old, mother of three and lives in Avanos, Turkey. She learned the art of pottery making and painting from her father, Miraç, who runs the family workshop. After marrying, Yasemin continued to regularly paint pieces for her father, often taking the work home and completing it from her kitchen table.

"When I paint a piece, I forget everything around me and hours fly by in no time. It's only my art and me - an indescribable, beautiful feeling!"

The clay for these genuine products is acquired directly from the mineral-rich mud that can be found along the rivers of the region. The river that runs through Avanos is called Kizilirmak, which means Red River. Since the Hittite period (as far back as 2000BCE), people in the area have made good use of the red clay found along the river’s banks. After being shaped into the required form, the products are burned in a kiln for up to 12 hours.

It took Yasemin 22 hours to complete the painting of this bowl, after which it was burned again, glazed again and then burned another time.

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